Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Women’s Health Physiotherapy

Being a woman, and especially the changes pregnancy brings, places some unique challenges on your body. Don’t accept all the changes you experience as permanent and inevitable.

A specialized assessment from our highly trained physiotherapist can teach you exercises, postures and lifestyle modifications to manage or overcome much of what life throws at you.

These topics can be difficult to talk about so please call and ask to speak to the physiotherapist to see if she can help you.

Exercise can be complicated for various reasons during your life, but the right advice can help keep you active now, and importantly reduces the complications you face in the future.

We are serious about working with you, and including others such as personal trainers in the conversation, to help you reach your health and fitness goals.

What can Women’s Health Physiotherapy help with?

  • Incontinence (limited bladder leakage… it’s all the same) – there are several types and management can range from pelvic floor exercises, to diet and exercise modification.
  • Constipation – again diet, lifestyle and postures can help improve this difficult condition.
  • Prolapse – we work closely with your GP and Specialist to provide the treatment needed, sometimes secondary to surgery and sometimes eliminating the need.